Researcher Asks Men & Women How They Avoid Being Sexually Assaulted, Results Speak Volumes

So. Yet another research about crimes against women. And yet again, the results are predictable. But that doesn’t make them any less shocking, especially when they’re laid out like that, side by side, with the results of a similar research done for men. You’ll see.

Twitter user @JenAshleyWright shared the results of a research done by social researcher Jackson Katz on the things men and women do on a regular basis to avoid being sexually assaulted. And well, see for yourself.

As you can clearly see, the list of things that a woman has to do to keep sexual assault at bay is a long list. And it’s not even an exhaustive one, FYI. Because women have to do so, so much more.

For men, there isn’t any major thought that goes into it, clearly.

The Tweeple reacted rather strongly to these results.

Not everyone agreed with the credibility of this research; however, one can hardly deny that there is a lot of reality to it. Women do have to be paranoid and keep their safety as their topmost priority for every waking (and even sleeping) minute of their lives.

Whether it’s checking to see the bathroom door is locked, fake-talking over a phone loudly so the men around her will believe she’s expecting company soon, or enforcing deadlines on herself so she can be home before it gets dark.

Some women ventured to add a few more things to the list.

Some of them pointed out how apart from taking care of themselves, they also lookout for other women, to make sure they’re safe.

It sucks that half of the world’s population has to live in constant fear of being sexually assaulted. And even then, it’s not always a sure shot that their safety is guaranted.

In case you’re thinking this was getting into a one-sided argument real soon, it wasn’t. There were plenty of men who offered their own two cents, agreeing primarily that it’s a hugely unsafe world for women out there.

There’s no point calling the research biased or unfair to men, because let’s face it—women are more unsafe than men any day, every day.

In fact, men play a huge role in making women feel safe, as this guy points out.

A heartbreaking but necessary reminder of male privilege.

Sucks, doesn’t it? With all the arguments about #NotAllMen going around, all men really need to do is make the other side of that list the same.

Because that would be equality in the truest sense.

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