Maths Teacher Holds On To Kitten During Entire Class Because It Has ‘Attachment Issues’

We found the world’s best teacher. No, he doesn’t teach English. Instead, he teaches maths but is also a full-time cat lover!

A person on Twitter named Zain Umair shared a picture of his Maths teacher who was seen holding on to a kitten. Apparently, the man rescues kittens and takes care of them. This particular kitten in the picture apparently has attachment issues and hence, was clinging on to the man!

This maths teacher is now the internet’s favourite person and people online vouched to protect him at all cost. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Here’s a little personal story. I have a dog whom I rescued when she was 1 and a half years old. She had been abandoned three times from three separate homes, all in the span of a mere 1.5 years. So when she became a part of my family and received immense love, she developed attachment issues as well.

Now, the idea of being away from us makes her anxious. She spends hours sitting on the veranda waiting for members of my family to come back home from work. She also sometimes wiggles in the middle of my parents when they are having a conversation so that she can get their full attention!

Kudos to people like this maths teacher who understand and take care of animals with such issues!

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