Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ Shows Couple Kissing After Indian Wedding, Desis Say ‘Allowed Nahi Hai’

There are three things that are synonymous with every Indian weddinglaaj, sharam and lihaaj. The bride and groom are supposed to be in their best behaviour, and by ‘best’ I mean interact with the wedding guests, do tonnes of pranaams and feet-touching, eat right at the end after everyone’s left (even though the mice in your stomach have run wild), and refrain from ANY physical forms of affection – even hand-holding in some cases.

Therefore, when Marvel’s ‘Eternals’, which has now hit theatres, showed Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sersi (Gemma Chan) kissing after what looks like an Indian wedding, desi people were having none of it.

Have a look at the tweet here:

Many people tweeted about how it’s not allowed, how judgemental relatives would never spare you, and the bride and groom don’t get so close even during varmala!

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Kissing your husband in front of 300 odd people at your wedding and giving aunty jis something to talk about for the rest of their lives? No thanks.

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