Internet’s Unanimously Hating On This Guy Who Interrupted GF’s Marathon Run To Propose!

Now I’m no marathon runner (or any kind of runner TBH), I’ve witnessed and heard from people the Herculean prep that goes into running one. Some of the more famous marathon events across the world require training for years before one can evern attempt it! Now imagine putting your blood, sweat and toil into training for one, and then having your dream run interrupted in the middle, all for a crazy, stupid, love gesture? WTF, dude?

On Sunday, a woman was running the New York City Marathon when her boyfriend decided to propose to her… in the middle of the marathon.

Kaitlyn Curran’s boyfriend Dennis Galvin was waiting at the 16-mile mark for her and beckoned her off the track. She thought he merely wanted to say ‘hi’ to her. Instead, he went down on his knees and popped the question!

People in the crowd were all super exhilarated to witness this beautiful moment and cheered on the couple. Media reported that Kaitlyn was visibly teary-eyed, eventually said yes, and then rushed back on the track to finish her run.

While the story had a happy ending IRL, it wasn’t exactly so on social media. The internet was massively upset that the guy couldn’t wait for his girlfriend to finish her run and managed to ruin her time with his OTT gesture.

Even though the girl managed to finish the marathon, the little romantic detour must’ve spectacularly ruined her time, and with it all the months of preparation she must’ve put in for the marathon.

So why the hell could he not wait until she finished running to propose?

Whoa whoa whoa.

He’s holding her back, TBH.

Yep, yep he did. That’s just great. NOT.

It was the NYC Marathon FFS! And he ruined it for her!

All he had to do was wait at the finish line, OMG!

Major enthu-cutlet business, this.

People agreed that these kind of proposals werent’t romantic. They were just stupid. A very thin line.

Gradually, everyone just narrowed in on the main problem here. Men know jack shit.

A lot of them agreed she should’ve just said no to him for his sucky timing.

Men of the world, earnest request….

All women be tuning in to this show!

Even in hate, we stand in solidarity!

And finally, this PERFECT one-liner describing the whole incident that is so savage that it deserves a running ovation!

*mic drop*

Dear men, y u do dis?