World’s Kinkiest Mansion Inspired By 50 Shades Of Grey Is Up For Grabs, See Inside Pics


If you picture a dim-lit dungeon featuring a wall of whips, handcuffs and instruments explicitly designed to inflict pain, you’d probably scream ‘serial killer’. However, Grey By E.L James’ hit trilogy that delved into the mysteries of a BDSM lifestyle did prove that such a torture chamber could herald somewhat darker pleasures.

How can we then forget about the iconic red room that was the centre of attraction in the 2015 novel turned movie starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

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Well, if you’ve ever secretly fantasised about exploring the red room yourself, we have heartening news!


A ‘swingers mansion’ currently used as a hotel to host adult parties with 15-bedrooms has an array of naughty additions. The home with a 50 Shades of Grey-inspired Red Room is now up for grabs.

Croydon Hall in Rodhuish, Somerset, is graced with thousands of pounds worth kinky sex toys and was specifically designed for adult guests and boasts a number of cheeky additions including sex swings and chains on the beds.


The Croydon Hall can be yours for £2.2m (Rs 19 crores approx.).

At first, you may not find anything unusual about this large country mansion but this gorgeous old building includes a small outdoor heated pool. The mansion houses red velvet drapes hung from the ceiling and the walls are painted black.

There is also a dark room where visitors can feel comfortable and a cinema room with a stage and sofas. There is also a massage room and a 50 Shades of Grey-inspired Red Room.

The red-carpeted room also flaunts sex swings and leather whips. Furry black and red pillows sit neatly on the red bedspread and iron chains hang from each corner of a wooden bed.

The building also boasts of a disco room with parquet flooring, a shiny pole and is decked with x-rated artworks that are worth millions of rupees.

One of the rooms in the hotel is Love Heart Room, which is lit with a red neon heart.

It is home to ‘Exclusively Silks’ – a members-only group hosting “intimate parties for classy, sophisticated couples and single ladies”.

If the Christian Grey in you is intrigued by the fantasy 50 Shades of Grey explores, then the mansion sitting in a sleepy Somerset village may just be for you.

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