Someone Ate Mango Pulao & Nutella With Egg, People Say, “Have Mercy”


In case you were wondering that after Maggi pani puri and egg dipped in Chai the experimental food streak of 2020 was over, we hate to break it to you but that was only the beginning. People are still combining bizarre ingredients to see if they work and posting their attempts on Twitter.

The latest being Mango Pulao. Take a look.

Very few were intrigued by this food pairing, most people wanted the picture to be deleted. Some even said they would pretend that these were potatoes and forget all about it.

However, one Twitter user went several steps further and shared 3 other such bizarre combinations namely – Nutella with egg, Banana dipped in Chai and Chai pani puri.

Do you stan all this creativity in the kitchen or do you think things have gone overboard and these experiments should be reined back a little? Tell us.

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