After Ketchup On Watermelon, Someone Put Maggi In Pani Puri, Watch Video

With restaurants closed (at least until June 8) and all of us spending more time in the kitchen, food experiments were bound to happen. And sure enough, we’ve been channeling our creative energies while cooking by trying different ingredient combinations and adding desi masale to spice up bland dishes.

But how far can we really go in the pursuit of a brand new recipe? Apparently quite far, as evidenced by ketchup on watermelon and now, Maggi Pani Puri. Twitter user Bunny who describes himself as a ‘noob cook’ tried the latter yesterday.

Here’s the recipe video of the same:

Needless to say, people didn’t think it was very appetizing. Some called it a hate crime and others said it was worse than the year 2020!

But the creator himself quite liked the bizarre combination. Take a look.

We’ve tried adding eggs to Maggi and making Maggi pakode but can’t fathom ruining gol gappe like this. Are you brave enough to give it a try?

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