A Man In The Theatre Was Welcomed By The ‘IT’ Clown And Now Twitter Is Shitting Bricks

‘IT’ has been taking the world by storm. I am sure by now you are already aware of all the extreme reviews that have been coming out about the spookiness of the movie. And if you like me, happen to be a bit of a ‘fattu’ when it comes to horror movies, then this story is going to be your worst nightmare.

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England based Chris was taken in for a surprise when he saw a man dressed up as Pennywise aka the ‘IT’ clown (casually) waiting for him in an empty theatre before the screening of the movie.

*starts chanting Hanuman Chalisa already*


It did not take much time for Chris’ tweets to go viral and it seemed like Twitter simply lost its shit in the comments that followed.

1. Seems like I found my mate!


2. Chris: 1, Clown: 0


3. Why not take him home too?


4. Spot on!


5. Escape plan on point!


6. High five, Amber!


7. Umm….okay!


8. Dayummm.. your observations skills!


What however made our eyebrows raise, was this particular comment that came from the official account of the dancing clown!

Umm well, Hi Mike! *starts running frantically*


But Chris was not alone, many others shared their experiences from the same theatre.

1. Ditto!


2. Woah!


3. We died reading that too, Tyla!



4. We’ve counted 5 clowns already.


But thank the Gods that some one finally spilled the beans! Playing the ‘It’ clown is Jordan and his make-up is spot on!


Sure, that was an applaudable effort, wasn’t it? Also, the next time you enter a cinema hall, make sure there is no pennywise waiting for you otherwise!