Man Sings For GF While Standing On Top Of A Van Before Popping The Question, Watch Video


Asking your partner “will you marry me?” used to be a simple and sweet affair. Not anymore though. Now, people are being creative and going all out with surfing proposals and even ones in the middle of parliamentary debates!

According to Yahoo News, 48-year-old Mike Ogden popped the question in the cutest way possible. Outside his 45-year-old partner Gaynor Marshall’s place of work (a superstore in Warrington, England), he parked his van, climbed on the roof and sang ‘Sally Cinnamon’ by Stone Roses before going down on one knee.

Balls of steel this guy! We had A Marriage proposal live at the front of Tesco Warrington today😊Congrats Mike and Gaynor Marshall💍🍾xx

Posted by Ian Hawkins on Thursday, November 28, 2019

How sweet is it that he also printed photos of the two of them together and stuck them to the van? Metro UK quoted him saying,


“We spoke about if we get married, it would just be us two on a beach somewhere, no fuss. So I thought if that’s going to be the wedding, I’ll have to make the proposal a big event. I thought, why don’t I sing it from the top of my van? Then my friend who is a DJ offered to lend me a speaker.”

Gaynor added,

“A couple of girls in work knew what was going on and they stitched me up. They pulled me away from the desk and then said there was a problem outside I needed to sort out. I got out and saw Mike was standing there on top of his van and I was gobsmacked. The fact it was that song was extra special because that’s our song, it means quite a lot to us. There was no chance I was going to say no, I’ve never been happier. He’s been my rock and I’d be lost without him.”


People were floored by the amount of thought that was put into this proposal and wished the couple the very best.

If you had to propose to your boyfriend/ girlfriend, which song would you choose to play at that moment?

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