Italian MP Proposes To Girlfriend In The Middle Of A Serious Parliamentary Debate


All kinds of bizarre things happen during a parliamentary session, it seems. If you think MPs dozing off while the Finance Minister speaks during a session was heights enough, you cannot be more wrong. However, what happened during this Italian parliamentary debate was more heart-melting than it was bizarre.

According to a report by The Guardian, an Italian MP proposed to his girlfriend with a ring in the middle of a parliamentary debate.

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The 33-year-old MP, Flavio Di Muro, was attending a session on the post-earthquake reconstruction of Italian regions which were struck by earthquakes in 2016. In his address to the chamber of deputies, he said:

“We, men of the institutions, are busy every day with national emergencies. Every day we are busy with political debates. And we often neglect the true values, we neglect the people who care for us, we neglect those we love. You see, today is a special day for me.”

He then went on to take out a ring from under his seat and popped the question to his girlfriend who was seated on the public gallery above:


“Elisa, will you marry me?”

With this, the room was filled with the sound of people clapping for him. One of his colleagues seated beside him even gave him a hug as Muro was left blushing!

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However, speaker of the chamber and member of the Five Star Movement, Roberto Fico, wasn’t very pleased with Muro’s gesture.

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He said:


“I understand this. However, I don’t think it’s appropriate to use an intervention for this.”

Watch the video here:

While it wasn’t clear whether Muro’s girlfriend responded right after the proposal, sources revealed that she said ‘yes’ after the session!

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According to Mail Online, Muro said that proposing in the middle of a parliamentary session made sense to him.

“She’s close to me personally, and politically, and she’s been with me throughout my political career,” he said.

Ah, love! It makes you do things you never thought you dared!

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