Boyfriend Proposes To GF While Surfing & Drops The Ring In The Ocean!


Planning the perfect proposal is a nerve-wracking task in today’s age and time. From creative scavenger hunts to gorgeous destination proposals, there are so many brilliant ideas to choose from. One such adventurous idea was used by Chris Garth from Hawaii.

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Hawaii News Now reported that Chris was surfing when he knelt on one knee on his board and proposed his girlfriend, Lauren Oiye. Lauren said yes just before Chris dropped the ring in the ocean. There were multiple photographers nearby who captured the moment.

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Chris and Lauren had met at this same surf spot at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki years ago. So, it was only fitting that he decided to propose her there. According to News 18, Chris knew it could go wrong, so he luckily used a spare while they were out in the water. The real ring was waiting for the happy couple back on the shore. Details about the rings including the cost were not released.

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Imagine losing your expensive engagement ring in the sea. The proposal would have gone down the drain, quite literally. Kudos to Chris for thinking ahead!

Now that’s what we call a bold and personal proposal.

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