Man Wishes He Could Go Back To Misogynistic 1900s, Author Aptly Shuts Him Down

The 21st century must be a really hard time for misogynistic men. Every day they get up, they see women going to work. When they step out of their houses, they see them voicing their opinion. When they open the TV, they see them spearheading multi-national companies. And when they go to the movies, they see women in leading roles. But while a lot of them have learned to shut up after learning how obsolete they’re, some men just give in to their misogynistic urges.

While replying to a woman who was explaining how sexual harassment works, a man threw logic out of the window and straightaway came up with the most sexist statement tweet there is.

Okay. First off, that calls for a face-palm.

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And secondly, whenever there’s a change in our society, it happens because it needs to. Cat calling was as sexist then as it’s now. The only difference is that there weren’t enough people back in the 1900s who were saying so.

As the sexism in Craig’s statement was so obvious, netizens clamoured to reprimand him. However, the best retort came for author Jennifer Wright.

Considering how Craig never came back to respond to this epic shutdown from Jennifer, there’s a slight possibility that he had learnt his lesson.

Just to make sure Craig’s sexism never acts up, he was given a healthy dose of equality by Twitter.

1. You’re overestimating his historical knowledge.

2. There’s a saying for that.

3. I think men never mean it as a compliment.

4. Exactly.

5. Who knows when it’ll end?

6. And that concludes today’s lesson on how to deal with sexist men.

Personally, it’s quite difficult to understand how do these people live with their sexism. It’s toxic and unnecessary and they should get some therapy. Or they can just let it out on Twitter and let these women beat them into shape.

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