Bengaluru Guy Allegedly Harassed For Wearing Shorts To RTO, Desis Share Similar Experiences

While we must be done with listening to stories of body shaming and moral policing, such incidences haven’t ceased to exist yet. Months ago, a man took to Reddit and shared how he was shamed by SBI employees for wearing shorts to the bank.

Now, a techie from Bengaluru took to Twitter and shared how he was allegedly harassed for wearing shorts to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) at Jnanabharathi.

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According to a report by Times Now, the man identified as Nitish Rao, a resident of Nagarbhavi, went to the RTO to enquire about his driving license when he was turned down because he was wearing shorts.

Taking to Twitter, Rao shared that an employee of the RTO declined to look into his case.

He further told the Times Of India, “There was some issue with Aadhaar-based authentication and I was not able to get learners license (LL) online. I went to the RTO office at Jnanabharathi to check the process to get it. But the moment they saw me in shorts, RTO officials were clearly irritated and started arguing with me. There was some exchange of words and they insisted they will not share any details just because I was wearing shorts.”

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However, on listening to his complain, Transport Commissioner N Shivakumar said that even though there is no dress code, people are expected to come in ‘proper attire’ to government offices.

“There are no written rules, but we will not entertain those who are not in proper covered clothes,” he said.

Responding to Shivakumar’s statement, the complainant Rao said, “When there is no dress code for driving licence applicants at RTO, how can they deny a service to me? In fact, I didn’t see any helpdesk to get information to avail RTO services.”

This is how people reacted to his ordeal:

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Many also penned similar experiences they had.

Some were also in agreement with the employee at the RTO:

People seem to be divided in this matter. What are your views on it? Share with us.

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