Man Shamed By SBI Employees For Wearing Shorts To The Bank, People Share Similar Instances

People giving unsolicited advice, moral policing, and shaming you for wearing what they think is indecent have become way too common in the country. This time, a customer at a reputed bank was shamed for wearing shorts to one of their branches.

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Taking to Reddit, the complainant identified as Ashish, narrated the entire incident. He explained at length how at an SBI branch in sub-urban Bengal, close to Calcutta, he was told to come back wearing ‘full pants’ as wearing shorts was against customer decorum.

On asking for an official circular enlisting the code of conduct for the visiting customers, he was shunned saying, “We expect customers to follow basic decency.” Not only did the bank employees didn’t adhere to his request of closing a dormant account, but he was also shamed for entering the bank wearing the running shorts (which he has apparently worn to multiple banks) in the presence of female staff.

Got into a fight with all the staff members at SBI, because I was wearing shorts and they didn’t like it. from india

Tweeting about the incident, Ashish asked the bank if they have an official policy on what a customer can wear and cannot wear. The bank is yet to reply on this matter.

Some slammed the bank for their unnecessary policy and suggested ways to complain about the incident to higher authorities:

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However, several people in the comments section shared similar instances of moral policing they were faced with.

Have you faced a similar situation like this ever? Share with us.

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