Man Brags About His 70-YO Mom Making His Bed Every Day, Gets Slammed For Being A ‘Man Child’

I have come to realise that patriarchal and exploitative practices have been passed down from generation to generation in our society in the name of ‘tradition’. Women have been fed ideas of being an ideal homemaker ever since they were kids. So they do everything around the house irrespective of whether they have other responsibilities (like a job) or have become aged. In many homes, you will find frail grandmothers looking after the household while the other members of the family (especially the men) have no idea about household chores.

Similarly, a guy named Kishore took to Twitter to share a picture of a neatly made bed and shared how his mother, who is more than 70 years old, makes his bed every day. He calls it the “power of a homemaker”.

“My mom ensures that when I reach home, my bed is comfortable. The power of a home maker. There is no compulsion for her to do it. Yet she does it out of love. The value system that our dharma has inculcated protects this society,” he writes.

Have a look at his tweet here:

As his tweet went viral, several people online slammed him for being a “man child”. Many shared how they started making their beds ever since they were kids and have been performing several household chores because that is what grown-ups should do. Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

From the outside, it might seem like a mother’s love. But once you dig deep, you will realise that the woman has probably seen and was fed the idea to coddle her son and other male members of the family. So many women have internalised the idea that it is a woman who must do every little thing around the house, from making beds to cooking a meal to cleaning and keeping the house spotless and one can never expect the men to do all these things because after all, it’s a woman’s job.

What “protects our society” is the equal distribution of labour inside the house and the scrapping of stereotypical gender roles.

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