Guy Posts Pic Of Mom Cooking While On Oxygen Support & Calls It ‘Love’, Faces Flak Online

Our society has the tendency to put women on a pedestal and say that their love knows no bounds and duty knows no end. Women are often expected to take care of the family even when they are sick or tired, which can be unfair.

I say this because a picture of a woman cooking in the kitchen while on oxygen support went viral online. Her son had posted the picture on social media and wrote, “Unconditional love = mother. She is never off duty.”

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As a screenshot of the post went viral on Twitter, several people online slammed the guy for glorifying the woman’s condition. Many said that since the woman is on oxygen support, she most probably needed to rest but was made to work through her misery.

While there were some who tried to justify that either the children couldn’t cook or that others in her family might be suffering from an ailment as well, others didn’t entertain the idea.

The more we normalise women working through pain and illness for their family and equate it with ‘love’, the more will it be impossible for women to express a possible desire to catch a break and rest, even when she desperately needs it.

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