Mallika Sherawat Locks Herself In A Cage At Cannes To Make A Powerful Statement

Indian celebrities have taken their A-game to the Cannes film festival this year. The red carpet has been painted all shades of glamorous by the biggest names in the industry like Deepika Padukone in her pink fan dress, Kangana getting the retro vibe back in all desi glory, Aishwarya Rai and her butterfly train and now even Sonam Kapoor with her post bridal white glow.

While it’s iconic fashion that we won’t forget, it’s great to use your platform for a social cause and that’s exactly what Mallika did.

Mallika Sherawat arrived at the 2018 Cannes film festival to make her voice heard for a very important cause. She locked herself in a cage to spread awareness about the rampant forced child prostitution here in India.

The Murder actor is representing an NGO called ‘Free a Girl’ at the film festival. She is using her voice and platform as an ambassador for an international NGO against the human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children everywhere.

According to Pinkvilla, Mallika spoke about the issue saying that it’s her ninth time at the festival and is one of the most cogent platforms to raise the issue of child prostitution all over the world. She said,

“Being locked in a cage, I wanted to drive home the imagery of how young girls who are being trafficked are trapped in a small 12×8 foot room. These innocent victims have to live and survive without any aid. There is a woman suffering abuse every minute with no hope of any change.”

She had earlier spoken about the issue and said that it’s 2018 but children are still stuck in this racket. Hence, it becomes a necessity to spread awareness about this issue.

Mallika Sherawat even shared a video on her Insta talking about the same.

It’s heartwarming that Bollywood celebs are using their voice for social causes. Their fan base is enormous and in a country where actors are worshiped almost like the divine himself, it’s a way to reach the masses.

Kudos Mallika, you’re an inspiration to us all! More power to you gurl.✌