Malayalam Magazine Shows Woman Breastfeeding A Baby, Gets Commended For Its Bold Message!


A woman’s body is a terribly beautiful paradox for the society. Behind closed doors, it is the subject of every fantasy and is desired in its bare naked form. But in public, even a slight glimpse of skin can be condemned. Stuck in between these two extremes is the act of breastfeeding, which despite being a natural, beautiful act, is frowned upon when done in public.

Even in the West, which is known to be liberal about most things, women breastfeeding in public have been criticised, sometimes by fellow women! It is looked upon with embarrassment and shamed.

Several celebrity mothers have condemned this shaming of public breastfeeding. Several mothers have even participated in photo shoots to celebrate this beautiful act.

And now a Malayalam magazine, Grihalakshmi, has taken a rather bold step by showcasing a breastfeeding woman on their cover!

On the cover is a 27-year-old Malayali poet and actress, Gilu Joseph. For those wondering, nope, she isn’t a mother herself.

What takes the cake for me, apart from the boldness of the picture, is the caption accompanying it.

The caption is in Malayalam, but in English, it roughly translates to,

“Mothers tell Kerala, ‘Please don’t stare, we need to breastfeed’.”

Surprisingly and thankfully, the reactions to this brazen cover have been predominantly positive. Twitter unanimously speaks about the cover as a phenomenal step by the publication to spread the awareness that breastfeeding is nothing to be ashamed of.

Twitter is the land of trolls and insults. Praise and endorsement from the Tweeple definitely is a good sign!

1. Kudos! And bring on the outrage, we’re ready!

2. That cover and caption sure killed it!

3. Exactly. Enough with the shame.

4. Brilliant!

5. It’s natural, you guys.

6. The stigma has to stop!

7. Do not stare!

8. Even Bollywood was sending the same message years ago!

9. Impressive!

10. Bold and welcome!

Of course, there are those who have criticised the fact that the magazine did not take an actual mother on the cover, or the fact that not all mothers manage to look this glamourous when breastfeeding. However, the general consensus is that the cover is definitely praiseworthy.

It’s simple really. Would you enjoy it if while having a meal in a restaurant, someone asked you to cover up your face? No, right? Then why should the little child, who is simply having his meal be put through the whole charade?

Breastfeeding is an important part of motherhood and should be equally celebrated in public, in movies and on magazine covers, not hidden behind closed doors and dupattas.

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