Pakistani Friends Played A GIANT Ludo IRL With Human Pawns And It’s Simply Hilarious!

Long back when smartphones weren’t invented to ruin the fun (and our eyes), we played ludo with our friends and family to pass the time. Sitting in a circle on the bed with the ludo board in between, accusing each other of cheating and throwing a hissy fit when someone cancelled out our game piece. Those were the days!

Games like ludo might have moved to our phone screens but these friends decided to recreate their own ludo game with a unique twist. They have kicked it up a notch by executing the game live and being the game pieces themselves.

1. They are playing in a desert! But that does not seem to stop them.

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2. The one who is sitting in the middle after reaching ‘Home’ looks peaceful AF!

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3. This is what happens when your game piece is cancelled.

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4. This is hilarious!

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Needless to say this nostalgic yet crazy experiment went viral. You can watch the video here-

Miss your good old ludo too much? Gather your friends and try this. Make sure you fall on a soft surface though!

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