Lucknow Woman & Dutch Man Fall In Love After He Saves Her From Drowning In Goa Beach

They say that true love can happen anywhere, anytime. And how Lucknow girl Nupur Gupta and Netherlands boy Attila Bosnyak met and fell in love is a testament to that.

According to a report by CNN Travel, back in February 2019, Nupur was in Goa for a two-week yoga teaching stint. One day, in between yoga practice, she decided to go for a swim in the ocean on one of Goa’s beaches. However, she didn’t know that the tide would be too strong.

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That day, she swam further away than usual and was caught amidst the strong waves and felt herself being pulled into the ocean. She tried to swim consistently but failed to reach the shore. Soon, she was gasping for air.

It was then when she saw a man coming towards her. It was Attila. He swam to her, grabbed her hand and tried to pull her out of the ocean, but he wasn’t strong enough to do that alone.

He spotted a cluster of rocks nearby. So he swam towards it but was pushed onto the rocks by the waves. He still managed to climb on top of it and waved till a lifeguard spotted them.

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The lifeguard helped Nupur get out of the water and Attila swam ahead. When the two reached the beach, Nupur saw that Attila was bleeding from his back, thighs, and fingers.

“My heart sank when I saw that, because it just made me realize that what this man just did to help someone, to help me,” she said.

She then went on to tend to his wounds and feed him chocolate ice cream! That was when the “magic” happened. The two felt a sudden click. Later that evening, they met, connected, got to know more about each other, took long walks on the beach, and in general, had a good time.

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The retreat was about to end in two days, but the two decided to postpone their respective flights and spend another week together. And so they did!

After that, Nupur went back to Kerala, where she lived and Attila travelled back to The Hague, a city in the Netherlands. But the two spoke a lot over video call and WhatsApp.

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A month later, Attila called her and said, “We should take this connection forward.”

And the two decided to meet halfway through their respective countries in Dubai.

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But in a sad turn of events, Nupur’s mother fell sick and had to be hospitalised, thereby cancelling the Dubai trip. When Nupur spoke to Attila explaining why being there for her mother meant she couldn’t visit Attila for a couple of months, he suggested, “What about if I travelled out there, to be with you?”

Nupur agreed and asked him to come over after her mother’s operation.

When Attila arrived at the Delhi airport, Nupur was waiting for him. From there, they travelled together to Lucknow, stopping at Agra to visit the Taj Mahal.

While they were gazing at the beautiful monument, Attila went down on one knee and proposed – not for marriage, but to be in a committed relationship and make it work. Nupur agreed.

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In September 2019, Nupur received her Dutch visa and flew to the Netherlands to be with Attila. They spent every day like a couple henceforth. Then came the pandemic and both were confined in their home, spending 24×7 with each other. There were some tough moments, but the couple got through them.

Nupur and Attila got married in a very intimate ceremony in the Netherlands in March 2020!

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Isn’t this an incredible love story?

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