This Love Story Of A Hindu Boy And A Muslim Girl Has An Ending You’d Never Wish To See

Love can touch us in ways more than one. And it is only after the encounter- between the being and love, that the world starts to make much more sense. So much so that, hatred and divide ceases to exist. The pre-assumed notions of the society begin to obliterate and the wall of contempt collapses.

However, the shackles of the society are so deep-rooted in regressive fundamentalism that it crushes the spirit, bringing love on its knees. I’m not a naysayer otherwise but I stumbled across a post and it is a fate, no human being deserves.

In a poignant post shared by GMB Akash from Bangladesh, this love story is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Read the full text here.  

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 “Fifteen years every single day we suffered for religion. Whenever I wake up in the morning I wanted to know if she was alive or not. My family wanted to kill Nahar. And her family wanted to kill me. Everyone wanted to separate us. But all her prayers were to keep our love alive.

I was a Hindu. And she was a Muslim. From childhood, we were in love. When we grow up everyone around us hated our relationship. They tortured us to end our love. They harassed us every day. Nahar and I cried more than we breathe. She only told me that she was praying to Allah so that one day everyone accepts our love. Not a single day of her life she missed her prayer.

Whenever I asked her what she actually prayed to Allah, she always said she prayed for the acceptance of our love. I left my village four months ago. I am moving from places to places. No one let me see Nahar’s dead body. They did not allow me to see her once. They were happy because they thought we did not get each other. But they do not know I am continually seeing her; they have no idea that Nahar is living with me since her death. That night I was sitting under a bridge, was talking to Nahar, and then I noticed Nahar was very unhappy. I asked her what had happened.

She told me that she was feeling very sad because she could not pray for our love anymore. I saw the intense pain in her face, in her eyes. Next morning, I converted to Islam and become Muslim. Since then I never missed any prayer. I do not know if Allah will accept my appeal or not. But I am praying for our love like Nahar did her whole life.”- Norendro Mondol (Abdur Rahman)

Note from the photographer:

***This is Norendro and Nahar’s life experience. This post is not published to hurt any religious view or opinion. Nahar prayed for her whole life to Allah so he accepts the love of two people who has religion differences. They could easily convert to Islam or Hinduism and live in this society. Please see their sacrifices. Kindly do not pass any harsh comments to them or attack each other in the comment section about religion, my hearted request***

And before you jump to conclusions, a kind reminder, love is beyond religion of hate…of any kind!

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