This Woman Live Tweeted A Break-Up And Twitter Is In Love With The Girlfriend Already!

Twitter is a blessing in disguise. Trust me when I say this, you just need to know what hashtags to search and who to follow. When you have done all of that, your bad day becomes better, just when you log in.

Remember the Twitter user who tweeted a live love story between two baristas? Wasn’t that super sweet. Well, we have got something spicy cooked up for you tonight!

Twitter user @ashedrden live tweeted a break-up she was witnessing at a restaurant and the girlfriend in the story is the HERO, to say the least. Have a look – 

1. Attention, Twitter verse!


2. Of course..


3. Girl’s got SWAG!


4. Awkward


5. Dessert over him, anytime.


6. ME TOO!!


7. Really now, who wouldn’t?


8. GOD, she is a superstar!


9. Really now? This is just every guy ever.


10. What’s with this guy?


11. Isn’t she just amazing?


12. Oh man!


13. I need to be this girl


14. This girl is my role model!


15. Quite some drama, right?

I don’t know about you, but Twitter is definitely my favourite Telenovela!


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