Person Compares Lays, Bingo & Haldirams To See Who Offers More Chips For ₹10


Do you know what happens when you open a large packet of chips? Dhoka. That’s right, DHOKA happens. Because in that “large” packet, you find around 10 pieces of chips and rest is all air of disappointment and illusion.

If you have ever wondered, like me, which packet of chips actually has a satisfactory amount of chips, I present to you one person online who has made it easier for us to decide. The person ripped open packets of Lays, Bingo, and Haldiram’s chips and put the inside products side to side for the entire country to judge.

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Clearly, Haldiram’s is a winner and Lays is PURE EVIL. But again, what about quality? Should we accept compromising taste in return of good quantity?

Alongside these doubts, people online have been largely thanking the person behind this revelation for his/her service. Here’s what they said:



Duh, steel plates are the real deal!

Thank you for this, wonderful person online. We needed this. All hail, the power of the internet!

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