Steel Plates Vs Fancy Plates: Desi Twitter Defends Honour Of Steel Plates

Having grown up in a typical desi household, I have mostly had ghar ka khana in steel plates. The fancy plastic/ceramic/glass/diamond plates were reserved for special occasions – like when the President comes over (read: never).

So going through social media and coming across various desi food blogs I can’t help but ask myself – Do people not use steel plates anymore? What is this aesthetically pleasing white glass plate that seems to dominate every household nowadays?!

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And people on Twitter have been discussing the same! In a hilarious steel plate v/s fancy plate debate, lovers of the former kind have jumped to defend the honour of steel plates. Have a look:

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The conversation got so intense that most people forgot that one of the users was eating peanut-butter noodles. I mean, WHAT IS THIS ABOMINATION?

So on which team are you on – steel plates or fancy plates? Tell us!

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