Kriti-Shahid Got ‘Nothing To Hide’ Award And Twitter Also Has Nothing To Hide With Their Jokes!


Hola, amigos! Hope you are having a great start to the year. If not, toh bana dete hain! What better way to start the year with some good ‘ol jokes and new ones too.

So, if you’re back to the social world, after your New Year’s celebrations and have just reconnected with the world, then might I just say that you have a lot of catching up to do? Yea. And, while you’re at it, catch up on this too.

At a recent Bollywood awards show, Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon bagged a rather mysterious award. The category was named, wait for it…Nothing to Hide and they are the stars who got them.

Umm, wait what did they get? ?

Naturally, it raised a few questions such as these.

And, got some very pretty interesting replies from the Twitter junta. They too had nothing to hide, suprise-wise.

1. Well, well, well…

2. Do you agree?

3. Our interests are piqued.

4. Sunny Leone fans be like.

5. Y’all remember Golmaal 4, right?

6. Expressions on point.

7. That’s a bit personal.

8. Damn, right.

Ok! Now is the time for the final reveal! Here’s what it actually means.

This has been quite an interesting find, isn’t it? Is this one more reason to start not believing in the awards system in our country, starting 2018? Thoughts?

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