Kristen Stewart Walked The Cannes Red Carpet Barefoot To Protest ‘Heels Only’ Policy

Heels are lovely and they look sexy and make us women feel like Goddesses. But really, there’s no bigger pain than wearing sky-high heels all day or all night long. And it’s not just our feet that hurt. Everything hurts – our backs, our ass, our calves, our toes – EVERYTHING HURTS. But hey, it looks good!

Before you come at me with your ‘no one asked you to wear it’ or ‘then why do you love wearing it?’ remarks, hear this. We love wearing heels and enduring the pain it brings when we do it out of our own free will. If you enforce it upon us…boy, it’s not cool!

Like Cannes Film Festival. It has a ridiculous ‘no flats – only heels’ policy for women. Imagine wearing lovely dresses and gowns and suits, walking the red carpet with six-inch high heels (some even more than that) and posing for the cameras at every step. Sounds excruciating.

So did Kristen Stewart. Being the badass she is, she took off her heels as a sign of rebelling against the policy and walked the carpet barefoot. With her heels in her hand.

She was wearing a shimmery, semi-sheer silver mini-dress by Chanel and black Louboutin heels.

Just as she reached the foot of the steps leading to the premiere of BlacKkKlansman, she bent down and took off her heels and continued forward.

The Twilight star has been vocal about her distaste towards the policy and it only seems fair that her actions corroborate that.

Fans applauded her for the bold move and sent their love for her. Women even shared how relatable it is to do what she did.

1. Most women will agree.

2. Clearly not.

3. Even walking in them would be a pain, let alone taking the stairs.


5. Yep, this isn’t the first time she’s done it.

According to Footwear News, Kristen Stewart made her way through the festival’s lawn barefoot. She switched her footwear to Vans at another movie premiere, right after the red carpet.

Last year, she said to Hollywood Reporter,

“There’s definitely a distinct dress code. People get very upset at you if you don’t wear heels or whatever. I feel like you can’t ask that anymore, but it’s still a given. If you’re not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, then you can’t ask me either.”

Wearing or ditching heels is purely a matter of personal choice. It’s about one’s own comfort and preference for it and it is really unfair to impose it on women for black-tie events.

What better way to send that message across than by pulling off this move on the red carpet when all the national and international media is fixated on you? Well played, Kristen. ❤

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