There Is A Petrol Pump In Kota Earning ₹8-10 Lakh/Day Where All The Workers Are Prisoners

In India, there are programs in jails designed to help criminals, including those convicted of serious crimes like murder or theft, to change their ways and build better lives. These programs focus on transforming the character of inmates by involving them in various productive activities.

For instance, inmates are given opportunities to work in areas such as cooking food, stitching clothes, or even working at petrol pumps. By engaging in these tasks, prisoners learn new skills and develop a sense of responsibility, which helps them to reintegrate into society once they are released.

For example, there is a petrol pump in Kota, Rajasthan, that is inside a jail and is run by inmates. It may look like a regular petrol pump but all the workers there are prisoners, reported News18.

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The petrol pump also does decent business and witnesses a crowd every day. The workers were once criminals, but now they are able to earn a living. This not only provides them with financial support but also boosts their self-esteem and confidence. Earning an income while in jail helps prisoners feel valued and gives them a sense of purpose.

This initiative by Central Jail, Kota, is called Aashayein. The daily sale of this petrol pump is between Rs 8-10 lakh. A video sharing snippets from this petrol pump was shared on Instagram by the account @vibesofkota. Have a look:

Not just Kota. There is a beauty parlour in Thiruvananthapuram that is entirely run by prison inmates. During the pandemic, prison inmates in Kerala were manufacturing face masks amidst rising demand. A few years ago, a Kerala jail was also selling biryani made by the inmates and it was a massive hit amongst customers.

Such programs reduce the chances of the inmates committing an offence again and help them live a lawful and productive life.

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