Konkona Sen Sharma Gracefully Dissing ‘Animal’ In Interview Is Something Celebs Can Learn

It is usually said that the kind of movies you watch, music you listen to, the art you connect to and the books you read play a huge role in shaping you as a person. You cannot say that movies do not have the power to shape a person’s thoughts. It definitely does. Numerous women across the country wouldn’t be buying the kind of sarees that Alia Bhatt wore in Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahaani otherwise.

Hence, if you do not like a particular kind of film, don’t watch it. If you do not want to promote the kind of violence and misogyny that is shown in a film, don’t buy a ticket. It is as simple as that. If you do not agree with what a film has to say and the intent of the director who made the film and his overall ideology, don’t spend money and watch the movie. That’s the best kind of ‘protest’.

This was highlighted very gracefully by Konkona Sen Sharma in an interview wherein she was asked about Animal and her thoughts on the kind of violence and misogyny shown in the film. She said that she doesn’t have a problem with violence being shown on screen as long as there is a solid reason behind it. She, however, doesn’t like seeing violence for the sake of violence.

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“I personally don’t have a problem with depicting violence on screen as long as there is a very good reason for it. For example, even with sex, I don’t have a problem with viewing sex but I don’t want to be there just for the sake of it. I don’t want to see violence just for the sake of it. There has to be a reason why it’s there in the film because it connects to the character, it connects to the plot or whatever, it has to justify itself. That is one thing. Why is it there? What is the intent of the director?” she said.

Konkona went on to add that she didn’t watch Animal because it is not her kind of film and she didn’t feel drawn towards it. Without taking Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s name, she said that she is aware of his previous work and knows the kind of things that are glorified in his films. Those are the things she doesn’t stand for.

“I have not watched Animal because I don’t feel it’s my kind of film. I haven’t really been drawn to it even from the reviews and things. Also, I am aware of his previous work and he stands by that work, the director, where stalking has been glorified, certain violence has been made acceptable in relationships, and that’s not what I stand for. If it’s done very well, I don’t mind watching it. But that’s not what I have heard. And I don’t think I am the target audience anyway. There are millions of people who are watching it, so it’s doing very well, they don’t need me.”

Have a look at the interview here:

People online lauded Konkona Sen Sharma for being straightforward and graceful in speaking her mind. She took a stand, made it clear and didn’t apologize for it. This is something that a lot of people from the film industry can learn.

A woman with a spine!

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