These Komolika Memes Will Surely Pass The ‘Kasauti’ Of Your Laughter With Flying Colours!

Sorry folks, but if weren’t a once-upon-a-time fan of Ekta Kapoor’s ‘K’ serials, then we cannot be friends! Because even though we’re all about American television these days and look down upon Indian tv shows (and whose fault is that haan?), they did have their moments of glory. Tulsi’s welcome video, Om-Parvati’s family values, Kashish and Sujal’s passionate love! And of course, the OG savage AF vamps: Mandira, Ramola Sikand, and Komolika!

Image Courtesy: Balaji Telefilms

*cue in theme music*

And now that the Kasauti Zindagi Kay reboot is slated to air in September, fans can’t help but reminisce about how awesome Urvashi Dholakia’s Komolika was! It all started with one tweet….

Naturally, this little gem of scene from the show brought back a lot of questions in the minds of fans!

Yeah, Mr. Basu was just all over the place, wasn’t he?

Some even expressed major concern for the health of Basu Publications!

Listen, we’re really invested in Prerna and Anuraag’s story, okay? Only true fans will understand!

And then it all went to Meme-Town from there! KTwitter Kjust Kouldn’t Khelp Kit!

Not that anyone was complaining, of course!

LOL Harvard! You need a degree from Ekta Kapoor School of Business to understand that intricate graph!

90s kids be like… “Humare zamane mein toh…”

It’s a steadily risingdropping graph, yes.

When your parents ask you where all your salary went in the middle of the month:

A graph of your energy levels during the week:

When you ask your newly married friend, “So, how’s life going after marriage?”

Cricket fans will totally get on board with this!

And finally, a personal favourite that everyone will relate to. The true Kasauti that Dhadak had to pass but epicly failed!

“So team, does everyone understand the projections on the board?”


Komolika was, is and will be THE QUEEN VAMP!

That’s it! Meeting adjourned!

*Cue in Komolika’s theme again*