People Are Sharing The Kindest Moments They Experienced In 2018

Every time a year comes to an end, we tend to sit back and retrospect about how everything went. In the case of 2018, things were quite tumultuous from a political, environmental and cultural point-of-view.

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However, that doesn’t mean that everything was dark and gloomy. There were a ton of weddings to brighten up your timeline, women broke new grounds and the #MeToo movement swept India clean. And to end 2018 on a thankful note, people are sharing some of the kindest things they’ve experienced this year.

Twitter can usually be a cynical, bordering on overtly negative, space. But things took a positive turn when @prisonculture asked a sweet question.

And the answers started pouring in like anything, showering the internet with wave after wave of positivity. Just a warning, considering how things get a little emotional, I’d advise you to sit with a box of tissues.

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Here are some of the best responses:

So, before we wrap up with this year, feel free to share the kindest thing someone has done for you or vice versa. Or just anything positive in general which makes 2018 worth toiling through.

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