Farhan Akhtar’s Response To Satyapal Singh Trashing Darwin’s Evolution Theory Is Sassy AF!

Politicos and the foot-in-mouth disease don’t seem to go hand-in-hand. And yet, you cannot imagine one without the other. It makes you genuinely want to ask these folks, without meaning any disrespect, what they’re smoking! And the latest recipient of the ‘Are you serious?’ award is none other than Union Minister Dr. Satyapal Singh!

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What did he do?

Okay, let’s see. Former Mumbai Police Commissioner and current Union Minister for MHRD, Dr. Satyapal Singh, has issued a statement rejecting Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, claiming that it is scientifically wrong.

As if dismissing the theory wasn’t enough, he wants it to be completely struck down from school textbooks too.

His counter argument is just the icing on the cake, BTW!

“Our ancestors nowhere mentioned they saw ape turning into man.”

Such panic-inducing were his words that it prompted even the elusive scientists of India to draft an official petition condemning Dr. Singh’s claim!

Now that’s something!

Twitter, in its own way, paid tribute to Satyapal Singh’s words, in a manner we’re only too familiar with: trolling.

1. Of course, Ross Gellar is NOT happy!

2. Welcome to the Dark Ages! Next on the playlist: The Earth is not round!

3. That’s quite the sorry state of affairs!

4. Umm.. is it a burn if you can’t actually see the burn on your skin?


5. I’ve heard that diagrams and charts help. Maybe this will?

6. The Father of Evolutionary Biology must be rollin’ in the deep!

7. What is this blasphemy?


8. Mind=Blown!


9. Okay, this!

10. Since science relies solely on proof, Twitter went and found one. Will teach you to never underestimate its power again!

Guess who couldn’t stay away from this Darwinism debate and just had to join in with a sassy AF jibe? Farhan Akhtar! It’s legit breaking news!

Rock on, Farhan!

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As for our politicos, why, oh why, do you end up poking holes in your own boats? Media’s right there, waiting like a sea monster, to drag your ship down into troll-infested waters!

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