IRAS Officer Slams Puma For Showing Milind Soman Running On Tracks As It Sets Wrong Example

Running on railway tracks may seem like an exciting adventure, but it’s a gamble with potentially deadly consequences. The uneven surface poses a significant risk of tripping and falling, leading to serious injuries or worse. Trains can approach quietly and swiftly, leaving little time to react and escape harm’s way. Trespassing on railway property is not only risky but also illegal, carrying hefty fines and potential legal repercussions.

Which is why Indian Railways Accounts Service officer Ananth Rupanagudi slammed Puma and Milind Soman for releasing an advertisement where Milind is seen running on the tracks. His argument is that the advertisement sets the wrong example as running on tracks can be dangerous.


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He argued that railway tracks aren’t meant for jogging and that such an act is treated as trespassing. He asked Puma to put a disclaimer on this advertisement. Have a look at his post here:

This started a debate on social media. While some people agreed with what the IRAS officer had to say, others claimed that the track was deserted and that the company might have already taken due permission from the authorities to shoot the advertisement. However, the officer stressed on the fact that it is not about the track being deserted or the company having permission; it’s about setting the wrong example.

Don’t let the allure of adventure blind you to the very real hazards. Stay safe, stay off the tracks.

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