People Share Precious Experiences Where Complete Strangers Came To Their Aid


When we were younger, we were told not to talk to random strangers, not open the house door to them or accept any gifts from them. Now that we’re older though, we realize things are not so black and white. While it is still essential to be cautious of strangers and keep up our guard around them, there are many instances where people we don’t even know have come to our aid.

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A Twitter user shared how strangers helped him when he needed it the most and soon it turned into a thread of hope with many others recalling more such unforgettable and wholesome moments of their lives.

From kind autorickshaw drivers to unknown passengers on a train, here are 12 stories of strangers who restore our faith in humanity.





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What’s the nicest thing a stranger has done for you? Or better yet, what’s the nicest thing you’ve done to help out someone you didn’t know?

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