Moms Explain Menstruation To Their Sons, Share How They Reacted

For many people, menstruation used to be a taboo topic. Young girls were told about ‘that time of the month’ by their moms in hush-hush tones and young boys were sometimes kept out of the conversation. But not anymore. New-age mothers aren’t embarrassed about explaining the concept of periods to their sons. In fact, they think it is important for them to have the right information from the right source.

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Writer and mom Franki Cookney recently described her 3-year-old son’s reaction when she explained menstruation to him and how well he took it.

This led to many other moms sharing their own experiences. Some of them said that the kids understood quickly and were very chilled out about it.

A few revealed that their kids were very concerned about how painful periods could be.

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Twitter applauded these moms and remarked that this is what good parenting looks like.

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Periods are completely normal and the only way they are going to stop being a taboo topic is if all of us speak openly about them.

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