Kid Writes A Books About ‘The Man Who Dabed’ And The Internet’s Found A New Bestseller


Kids today, and correct me if I’m wrong, are way smarter and beyond than we ever were. I mean, sure we knew our games (no, eating dirt is not one) but many times have you looked at a tiny toddler playing with a phone and went, “Where did you learn to do that?”

And hey, I’m not complaining. I know Chadha aunty thinks otherwise about aaj kal ke bacche but I, for one, am constant amazed at the things their tiny little hands are capable of. And if you think you are in two minds about the bundle of talent that these Oreo-lovers are, wait till you what you see…

A proud parent and Twitter user Simon McGarr recently took to Twitter and showcased talent that has taken the Internet by storm- a book written/drawn by his son about ‘The Man Who Dabed.’


Think this is interesting?

Well, the ending is even better! How? It comes with a moral, that’s how!


Genius, amirite?

If it isn’t clear yet…

Yes, that roughly translate to- Don’t dab, damnit!

Needless to say, the Twitterverse is chucking hard and is all praises about the new bestseller!

Told ya!

Damn right he does.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Chrissy Teigen would be proud.

Hai na? That’s what I thought!

If I had any, they would too…



You know, these are the times that I’m really thankful for the Internet to exists. Well, that and when I my food is delivered home (and hot). So thank you for doing your thing, Twitter!

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