Former MMA Champion Kavita Devi Becomes The First Indian Woman To Compete At WWE


How many Indian names have you seen on the WWE board? Umm, probably one or two. Like, Great Khali and Jinder Mahal. Now, there’s another addition and people, history has been made by Hard KD.

Kavita Devi AKA Hard KD becomes the first Indian woman to be representing our country at WWE. And, we are super-proud of her.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) made the big announcement that the South Asian gold medallist is selected for the Mae Young Classic – the first ever wrestling championship for women.


Kavita is too excited about the big news and wishes to make India proud.

“I am honoured to be the first Indian woman to compete in WWE’s first ever women’s tournament. I hope to use this platform to inspire other Indian women with my performance and make India proud.”

The former competitive wrestler, who is a powerlifter from Haryana has been mentored by none other than The Great Khali. She’s represented India on the international level and this is a first in the WWE world!

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Who’s she competing with? Well, other than Hard KD, Tessa Blanchard, Abbey Laith, Taynara Conti and Alpha Female have also confirmed.

KD participated in the WWE Dubai tryout earlier this year in April, and will be taking on 31 other top female competitors from around the world in the Mae Young Classic tournament (which will be rolling on July 13-14 at Full Sail Live in Orlando, Florida).

She’s all prepped to set the ring on fire!

Way to go, Hard KD!

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