Fan Throws A Bottle At Justin Bieber When He Refused To Sing ‘Despacito’ On Stage. Again?!

Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose‘ in India was half-served, as fans were highly disappointed by the young performer’s bad lip-syncing. Though, here the audience members didn’t throw things at him. But, the same didn’t happen to him at Stockholm.

The singer was not ‘sorry’ at all when he blatantly refused to sing his hit ‘Despacito’ at a concert in the Swedish capital. He said, “I don’t even know it.” Umm, wut?

But at least, this time he didn’t walk out of the concert. In 2013, when a fan hurled a bottle at him, Justin walked out of the concert! This time he was like, “Don’t throw things at me please.” Is maturity hitting him right? Oh, back to the news, go watch the video; uploaded by Anonymous Belieber;¬†where he’s getting a bottle from the audience!