RJ Malishka Is Wrong, There Are No Potholes In Mumbai. VJ José Proves In This Amusing Video.

If you have been on the internet in the past few days, you must have taken the time to watch, laugh and laud RJ Malishka’s pothole parody. To remind you, it was a dig at BMC and its “super-efficient” work on the roads and clearly, not a single pothole!

The video went viral and sparked a debate about how Mumbai roads are not being properly maintained. The pothole song was a hilarious take on the dangerous road situations in the city, but it can’t be denied that it made an effective point.

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BMC also tried to threaten to sue Malishka for 500 Crores and she clapped back at them by saying that she is not going stop. Internet came to support her as well and many slammed BMC for ‘bullying’ someone for voicing their opinion.


Taking matter into his own hands, comedian and social media influencer, José Covaco analysed the Bandra, Mumbai roads. And he found out that people are just over-reacting to the whole pothole thing. I mean, would you look at that?


In fact, he surveyed all of Bandra and only found nice smells, mosquito killing water, mosquito nano-robots and just NO potholes. Sample this –


You can watch José Covaco slamming RJ Malishka and Mumbaikars for complaining that Mumbai roads have potholes. Because, they clearly DON’T! We have proof now in our hands. (P.S. If you’re like Sheldon and don’t get sarcasm, please don’t leave hate comments here. You can send them to José. :P)

Thank you, José. I feel like we needed this!

Optimism can change things, hopejdfhlsado; this does. (Sorry for the typo, my auto just ran into the safely kept chai for the birds and the people.)

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