Watch Faye D’Souze Slam The HELL Outta BMC For Bullying RJ Malishka For Her Viral Pothole Song

In the light of recent events, I have come to observe just one small thing. Many of us, have a bad, bad temper. We are the world’s largest democracy, second most populous nation, we are the flag-bearers of a futuristic world, a super-power in making and yet, most of us are short-tempered. Many of us don’t accept mistakes and JUST can’t take jokes.

Yesterday, two Yuvas of Shiv Sena had urged, in a letter to BMC that they should file a Rs. 500 crore-defamation suit against RJ Malishka and 93.5 Red FM for a pothole parody. In fact, ‘to teach her a lesson’, BMC sent her notice of mosquito breeding in her house in Bandra, Mumbai.

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Why? Because that video struck a chord with every Mumbaikar!


The song is a pothole parody titled, ‘Mumbai tula BMC var Bharosa nai ka’, which means, ‘Mumbai, don’t you have faith on BMC?’ The video uploaded on July 10 has over 1.5M views and is a hilarious take on the traffic conditions and open, dangerous pothole situations in Mumbai.

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According to DNA, Shiv Sena wrote in the letter, “the video (made by Malishka) maligned the image of Mumbai and the BMC, and also dented the confidence of several thousand of BMC employees who work hard to keep the city afloat during the rains.”


The defamation case has not been filed yet. But is this how civic bodies deal with criticism? Faye D’Souza, the hero journalist who slammed a clericwho dared to question her dignity, held a discussion on Mirror Now. She asked all the relevant questions and made so much sense! She said,

“It is not lost on us, in the city of MumbAi that we pay to run the state of Maharashtra.”


She asked her panel if they understand and related with the fact that an average Mumbaikar spends 3 hours on the road everyday. The time they could dedicate to their families or their jobs. They put up with a life like that everyday.

But the minute the citizen stands up and asks questions, this is how they treat him. She said,

“The Shiv sena needs to learn how to do its job. You’ve got your votes, you’ve got your taxes. Now do your job.”


Faye also hits you hard when she says that politicians don’t respect people. They’ve ZERO respect for life, they only respect people’s money. That’s all that matters. You can watch her hit the nail on its head here.

According to a 2015 report, 9 people die in local trains in Mumbai everyday. An average Mumbaikar is easily depressed as he/she strives so hard to make a living that he/she forgets ‘living’.

The city, state and the country would be a much better place if the authorities take criticism in a similar stride as they take appreciation for their false promises.

It’s time to wake up, Mumbai!

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