Malishka’s Badass Reply To BMC’s Notice Proves That Their Threats Don’t Scare Her

Bullying is unjustified. Period.

We have read in books that democracy promotes a transparent government and gives freedom of speech to all its citizens. And India is hands down, the largest democracy in the world! But now when I think about it, I doubt if it is just a concept and that we have no freedom of speech at all. The moment someone asks questions to authorities about their actions, they get bullied.

Something similar happened to a known radio personality, RJ Malishka. Because those in power, believe that they are not answerable and can be as reckless as they want. But now, no more.

Soon after her Pothole rap went viral, RJ Malishka was served with a BMC notice. A notice under section 381B of Indian Penal Code that said that she was breeding mosquitoes in her house in Bandra, Mumbai.

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According to the notice, she and her mother Lily Mendonsa, are liable to pay a penalty anywhere between 2k to 10K.

Her song called ‘Mumbai, tula BMC var bharosa nai ka’ (which translates to, ‘Mumbai, don’t you have faith on BMC?’) was in good humour but, it ended up offending the civic body. In fact, two yuvas of Shiv Sena worte a letter to BMC to sue Malishka and the Radio firm for Rs. 500 Cr in a defamation case.


While journalists like Faye D’Souza and millions of people of the internet have got her back, Malishka took to Twitter to take a hilarious dig at BMC. To put it better, she nailed it!

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Speaking from my experience of being on the internet 24*7, 99.9% of times, a video goes viral because it is insanely relatable. And Malishka’s video was a hilarious take on the pothole situation in Mumbai and every Mumbaikar knows what they see on the roads every damn day.

So what is it that BMC trying to save/hide? Well, I don’t get it. Do you?

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