Meet Jerry Choudhary, Rajasthan Guy Who Is Journeying From India To Australia On A Cycle

Meet Ashish Jerry Choudhary, a 26-year-old guy from an army family in Budania village, Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and is on a mission to spread environmental awareness, especially discouraging the use of plastic and talking to students from schools and colleges in the places he visits, reported TOI. How does he visit these places? By cycling.

Jerry Choudhary is an Indian cyclist who goes on expeditions across the world – his most recent one being a journey to Southeast Asia and Australia.

He usually travels to various countries taking 40 kgs of his belongings – one of which is his foldable cycle which was a gift from 52-year-old Canadian Todd Tyrtle, who cycled through India in recent years. As he crosses every border, Jerry makes it a point to document all his experiences – including meeting locals, the picturesque landscape and the food.

Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia – he has been to all these places and his most recent expedition is the one in which he will be travelling to Australia. When he isn’t crossing borders on his trusted cycle, he takes flights from one country to another. Even though the flights are expensive, he is able to pull enough money through crowdfunding.

What an incredible journey this man is on!

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