Janhvi Kapoor Says She ‘Learnt Nothing’ At Acting School, Desis Say ‘We Already Know That’

One of the criticisms that the likes of Janhvi Kapoor receive is that they cannot act. Another criticism that surfaces every now and then is that they aren’t relatable to the larger Indian audience, because most of them spent much of their formative age studying abroad. So they talk, walk and behave in a way which is not very ‘Indian’, so to speak.

Janhvi Kapoor isn’t an outright bad actor, but she isn’t incredible either. At least not yet. Her performance in ‘Dhadak’ was promising and so was in ‘Mili’. On the other hand, it was lukewarm in films like ‘Bawaal’ and ‘Gunjan Saxena’. It is evident that she has a long way to go.


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Janhvi Kapoor went to The Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute in Los Angeles to study acting. In an interview, she claimed that she learnt nothing from that institute. Moreover, the institute’s format was rooted in Hollywood.

“Can I be honest? I learned nothing there. I’m often told I am too honest for Bollywood and that has burnt me. But at least I sleep well at night. The thrill of moving to California was in the anonymity it gave me. I was not someone’s daughter for once, and that was so refreshing. But the school’s format was so rooted in Hollywood and approaching its casting agents,” NDTV quoted her saying.

Janhvi expressed her regret of not spending more time with her people in her language.

She went on to add, “I actually realised I am not a method actor. Secondly, I wish I had spent more time with my people and in my language. I am telling stories from India and I need to relate to Indians. Sitting in LA and going to Malibu on weekends actually made me feel more detached.”

However, people online decided to have their own fun. Reading a particular headline that highlighted her saying that she hadn’t learnt anything from the acting school, they responded by saying, “We know that already.”

Here’s a look at some of the responses to her statement:

C’mon guys, she isn’t that bad!

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