Woman Asks If ₹40 LPA Is Enough For A 23-YO To Survive In India, Desis Respond With Sarcasm

It is only after we move out of our parents’ house do we realise how expensive things are. While we are living under their support, it never crosses our minds! It’s like, no matter how much our salary is, it never seems to be enough! Especially if you’re living in a metropolitan city like Mumbai or Bangalore, you’re wallet begins to cry when they see the cash flowing out. 😛


Speaking of which, one woman took to Twitter to ask if a salary of Rs 40 lakh per annum is enough for a 23-year-old in India. To be honest, for some people even such a handsome package is not enough.

However, a lot of people online found this tweet so bizarre that they laughed out loud. The best thing was watching them respond to this tweet with A1 sarcasm. Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

Bhagwaan ji, salary badha do!

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