Aamir Khan’s Daughter Ira Gets Slammed For Wearing A Bikini In Front Of Her Dad

As if men weirdly staring at women in public places (as if they have the power to scan through their clothes) and making them uncomfortable wasn’t enough that these self-proclaimed protectors of the society have taken over social media to shame women for their choice of clothes.

This time it was Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan who was schooled by these misogynistic people for wearing a bikini while her dad stands next to her on her birthday.

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Ira threw a pool party at her 25th birthday celebration. And in attendance were her parents, her family, and friends. Everybody was dressed as per the theme of the party including her dad Aamir Khan who was seen shirtless in a pair of shorts and her step-mom, Kiran Rao in a swimsuit.

Everything about this party looked perfectly fine with people enjoying their time. But some uninvited guests decided to ruin the fun with their unsolicited advice for the birthday girl.

When ‘@RetardedHurt’ was slammed for his cheap thinking, he took a steep u-turn and put it all on mannerism.

The comments get worse than this. But thankfully there’s still some sense left in a handful of people including singer Sona Mohapatra who called out such problematic mindsets.

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Have you heard something like ‘meri marzi?’ Bhai, she is an adult who can make her own decisions. Let her enjoy her family time. Why does her clothing bother you?

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