‘Poverty Is Not An Aesthetic’ Instagram Model Slammed For Her Self-Portraits In Mumbai Slum

Poverty is probably the gravest problem our country has been trying to fight for several years. Approximately 13.4 crore Indians have an income of less than Rs 150 a day, making it difficult to meet basic daily expenses. Hence, when financially well-off people use poverty as an aesthetic and do photoshoots with poor people, it tends to trivialize an actual problem.

People online have been calling out a woman for posting self-portraits on Instagram which were taken at a slum in Mumbai.

“I shot these Portraits to capture the beauty and vibes Bombay city slums carry,” she wrote in her caption.

She also shot pictures with a girl living in the area and went on to give her gifts afterwards.

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Have a look at her posts here:

Pictures of her post were shared on Twitter by a journalist and as the tweet went viral, several people slammed the woman for “romanticizing” poverty. Have a look at some of the reactions here:

What are your views on the incident? Tell us.

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