Influencer Slammed For ‘Romanticizing Poverty’, Using Poor People As ‘Props’ In Photoshoot

Despite being a developing nation, India has been battling poverty for innumerable decades now. A large section of the country’s population suffers from extreme poverty. This is visible every time we step outside our homes and have a look around.

However, many people tend to romanticize poverty and some have been called out for it in the past. Similarly, when a social media influencer posted pictures of herself clad in outfits from the recent H&M X Sabyasachi collection while poor people stood behind her, people online called her out for being “tone deaf”.

Many slammed the influencer for using poverty as an “aesthetic” and the picture showing blatant “colourism”.

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After facing tremendous backlash, the influencer deleted the picture from her Instagram account. She had also said that she took consent from the 4 men before taking the picture. However, people pointed out that those men probably don’t even know why the picture is wrong on so many levels. Hence, even if they consented to it, it’s still wrong.

What are your views on this incident? Tell us.

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