Quiz: Quench Your Thirst For Success By Naming These Dhamakedar Desi Drinks!

Just as every region in India boasts of flavourful delicacies, they also have a whole host of traditional Indian non-alcoholic beverages. Some originate in the streets of Chandni Chowk, while some from the scorching Konkan coast. Can you correctly name these desi summer coolers?

1. This traditional yogurt-based drink is an extra special treat during summers!

2. A nutritious gram flour drink popular in North Indian states of UP & Bihar.

3. This is bachpan ka pyaar for many of us!

4. A Delhi delight, this refreshing summer drink is made using Rooh Afza!

5. A sweet and salty spice infused cooler! A burst of flavours in your mouth.

6. Har desi ghar ki shaan hai yeh!

7. A digestive drink popular in Goa and the Konkan region, this one pairs well with rice dishes.

8. An energizing milk drink served in festivals like Mahashivratri and Holi.

9. A good stress reliever, it contains sabja seeds!

10. This is one delicious and healthy jaggery drink!

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