Here’s Why Inder Kumar’s Wife Wants To Re-Open The 2014 Rape Case Of Her Late Husband

Inder Kumar succumbed to a heart attack on the 27th July 2017 at the age of 44. It’s been a month and a lot has been spoken about his life choices and the fact that Inder was in acute depression which caused his health to deteriorate.

Inder Kumar’s long time girlfriend Isha Kopikar spoke to the media and said that Inder had a lot of talent but he threw it all away as he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. But his second wife (after Sonal Karia), Pallavi Kumar, slammed them for talking ill about him, after his death.

Now Pallavi Kumar claims that the real reason Inder’s depression was that he was accused of rape. A 25-year-old model accused Inder Kumar in 2014 for raping and brutally assaulting her for 3 days. In the pretense of giving her a break in Bollywood, she claimed that he ‘used’ her.

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In an interview with SpotboyE, Pallavi said Inder was not really depressed because of the inviability of work and financial stress, but the rape case that had been going on him since 2014. She said,

Whatever suffering Inder was going through and the only reason for him being disturbed was this case. Obviously, if someone will accuse you of such a horrible crime and you are sent behind bars because of it, anyone will get disturbed and stressed, especially when you are a celebrity, the whole world comes to know about it. So, every time he went for a hearing, he felt extremely humiliated.”


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When an accused dies in a rape case, it gets nullified. Inder Kumar’s case had the same fate after yesterday’s hearing. But Pallavi submitted a plea to the court that she wants the case to remain open.

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“I know Inder was innocent and we will win the case. This is a false allegation put on him to extort money and get fame by maligning Inder’s name. That’s why I submitted an application yesterday in the court to keep the case open.”

“So, we have put in an application in the court that as Inder’s wife, I will take the proceedings ahead.”


She also said that she is supported by a well-read lawyer, Mr. Ashok Sarogi, who loved Inder as his own son. He was sure that we would win the case, but Inder, unfortunately, passed away before that. Pallavi said,

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“When I asked Mr. Ashok, ‘Sir, will this case also shut after Inder’s death’, he replied, ‘No! Who said that it will get shut? I will make sure that the girl gets punished for what she has done.’”


Pallavi also went on record to say that Inder is as clear as he could be and she is wishful that the court will accept her application and will re-open the case. She said that she has proof against the model that will bring Inder to justice. Stating why she submitted the plea, she said,

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“I wanted the reality to come out. He was a part of it because he was involved but I was the one who was fighting for it. I have provided all proofs in his defense in the court.”

The truth should come out. May the victim get what he/she rightly deserves.

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