Inder Kumar’s Wife Slams His Ex-Wife And Isha Koppikar For Speaking Ill About His Life

Bollywood lost Inder Kumar, who was at 43 years old to a heart-attack. Since then, a lot has been said about his life choices.

Inder’s long time ex-girlfriend, Isha Koppikar said that he had a lot of potential and he threw it away because he made some terrible life choices. Inder’s ex-wife, Sonal Kariya (married for 5 months) also gave an interview and said that he subjected himself to a lot of drug and alcohol abuse.

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Many of his Bollywood friends came forward to speak about the ill-choices he made in his life and how he was depressed, as his films were not doing well. Tired of these claims and statements, Inder’s wife, Pallavi Kumar, took to FB and slammed them.

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“Sonal Kariya jee described him as a bad husband. If he was so wrong why isha stayed with him for so long? And why did Sonal marry him? All these statements are given to look good in society. Have some heart to talk such nonsense pls.”


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She also asks all those speaking ill about him to have some humanity. You can read her entire post here.

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Inder is survived by his wife Pallavi and a little daughter. May they find the strength to start afresh.

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