IIT Madras Hostel Slammed For Posting Name Of Student Who Dumped Used Condoms In The Bin

IITs all over India are considered to be the most elite institutions in our country. Its alumni consists of names like Sundar Pichai, N.R. Narayana Murthy, Sachin Bansal, and many more progressive-minded individuals. However, recent developments suggest that its Madras branch has been infected by the disease of moral policing that’s currently taking over the modern society.

According to a Reddit post, after a vigilance check at the Brahmaputra men’s hostel, authorities published a notice of the items that were found in the rooms, e.g. iron boxes, egg boiler, water cooler etc. But one room was in the list for dumping used condoms in the dustbin.

In doing so, the hostel office publicly shamed the student for possessing condoms, while also slapping a fine of Rs. 5000. The letter was undersigned by Brahmaputra hostel warden and the complaint against the student was raised by a vigilance staff named A. Baskaran.

The New India Express┬áreported that this is not the first time something like this has happened. Students have accused vigilance officers of barging into their rooms and clicking pictures without their consent. Additionally, a female student has reported that “rampant harassment and moral policing” is taking place in the campus.

Considering how the hostel rules and regulations prescribed by the Office of Hostel Management (OHM) doesn’t prohibit the use of condoms, this notice was a violation of the student’s privacy and dignity. Sriram K Kompella, Student General Secretary said,

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“Vigilance staff have been sensitised about being polite and to make sure the privacy and dignity of the student are maintained. Photos, if taken, are only for proof of violation. At no cost, Dean, Students Office, or hostel management office has and would indulge in insulting any student.”

That said, the Dean Students’ office has refuted all the allegations saying,

“No hostel office has done this act of publishing student details on the notice board. The institute will enquire further about this deviation, if any at all.”

While investigation on this issue is still under progress, The New Indian Express has reported that more and more allegations against the vigilance staff is coming to the surface. A female student has said that even though OHM permits girls of IIT Madras to visit boys till 9 PM, for academic purposes, they’re constantly harassed and asked uncomfortable questions.

The ever-increasing population and lack of sex education are two of the most rampant problems in our country. So, if two adults are partaking in safe sex, discouraging them should be the last thing that should come to anyone’s mind. And if the authorities are against the notion of sexual intercourse, they should officially state it, instead of scamming the students into paying large sums of money.

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